Reason why the slewing bearing shake when the excavator is working

The excavator can rotate left and right during operation, and it is inseparable from the function of the slewing device. The slewing ring is an important part of the slewing device, which is mainly used to support the mass of the upper car body and bear the working load. Because the slewing bearings of excavators generally operate under heavy loads, and the working environment is relatively harsh, the slewing bearings are prone to failures. The slewing bearings shake when the excavator is working. What’s wrong with it? Next, let’s follow the editor to understand it.

Whether it is dumping soil or loading a truck, the excavator must perform a rotating action, and hundreds of rotating actions can be carried out smoothly every day to ensure the quality and efficiency of the completion of the project. Because of the high frequency of use, many operators often encounter abnormal rotating noise, rotating stuck, slow and weak movements during the construction process. There is no doubt that they can only stop and repair as soon as possible when encountering the above failures!

1. The rigidity of the steel structure supporting the slewing bearing of the excavator is insufficient, and elastic deformation occurs during loading, causing the slewing bearing to shake as a whole. Increase the strength of the supporting slewing bearing steel structure by 14 times.

2. Loose installation bolts, causing shaking during work. Please check all the inner and outer ring mounting bolts immediately and tighten them as required.

3. Long-term overload operation causes the raceway to collapse and the clearance is too large. Check whether it is overloaded and operate in strict accordance with the regulations.

4. Remove the slewing motor assembly, separate the motor and check that the sun gear and the bracket are normal, and the planetary gears and the bracket are also normal. When checking the output shaft, it is found that there is eccentricity, and there is abnormal noise during rotation. After disassembly, it was found that the bearing had fallen apart and the housing was also severely worn. Because the bearing is damaged, the reducer housing is seriously worn, so it is normal after replacing the reducer assembly.

Slewing bearings include four-point contact ball bearings without gears, external gears and internal gears, double-row angular contact ball bearings, crossed cylindrical roller bearings, crossed tapered roller bearings and three-row cylindrical roller combined slewing bearings, etc. A variety of structural types. The four-point contact ball bearing has a higher static load capacity; the crossed cylindrical roller bearing has a higher dynamic load capacity; the crossed tapered roller bearing has a large supporting rigidity and a higher rotation through pre-interference energy. Accuracy.

Many machine friends can understand that this fault can actually be completely avoided. As long as the user pays enough attention to the maintenance problem when using the excavator daily, it will not cause such a big loss later. The editor once again reminds everyone that excavators are not indestructible, whether they are domestic or imported, so daily maintenance must be cautious and careful, and no detail can be ignored!