How to install the turntable bearings?Introduction of installation process and requirements

Turntable bearing is a kind of special structure of large bearings, able to bear a larger axial and radial load and tilting moment of load combined load has a compact structure convenient guide rotation installation is simple and easy to maintain, etc, are widely used in engineering machinery and mining machinery wind power port petrochemical light industrial robot aerospace vehicle radar medical devices and military industry and other industries of large rotary device but how many for wheel bearing installation, but is not very understanding, constant crown wheel bearing small make up just to tell you about today’s installation process

One.Disposal of a turntable bearing before installation

1.Rustproof and packing

The inner and outer surfaces of the turntable bearing are uniformly coated with both sides of the bearing anti-rust lubrication oil. The packaging is wrapped with plastic film kraft paper and linen strips.The outer surface of the bearings of large size turntable should be wound with plastic cloth.For small size turntable bearings packed in wooden cases


Keep bearings horizontally as much as possible during transportation. Only slight tilting is allowed. Large collisions or vibrations should be avoided.After opening the package, lift the bearing to the installation position by turning the lifting bolt inside the lifting hole of the inner ring or outer ring


①Before use, do not open the package during the rust prevention period (within 12 months after the bearing leaves the factory). If maintenance is needed, anti-rust treatment should be carried out on the tooth surface of the outer raceway of the rotary disc bearing

②Place horizontally on a dry, flat surface

③Place horizontally on a dry, flat surface

④If multiple sets of turntable bearings are stacked together, at least three evenly distributed wooden pads should be placed between each set of turntable bearings along the circumference, and the upper and lower pads should be placed in the same position

Two.Install turntable bearings

1.Place internal and external factors correctly

Put the external cause flat on the work table, put it into the lower half and try to make the external raceway and the internal cause channel corresponding to the correct placement of rollers and isolation block. The selected cylindrical roller and circular isolation block are placed along the track. When placing the adjacent cylinder rolls, their axes are perpendicular to each other, and the two rollers are separated by an isolation block

2.Coated grease

Apply the appropriate grease lightly and evenly on the racetrack.Fill the gap between rolling and isolation block.The number of roller and isolation block is generally equal, and the cylinder dredge and isolation block should be close to each other. If there is a gap between roller and isolation block at one place, the thickness of one or two isolation blocks can be adjusted to make up the gap.

3.Mounting bolt

Turn the opposite assembly bolts 1-2 times in the diameter direction and turn the other integral ring at the same time to prevent the roller from getting stuck in an inappropriate position.Then twist the two symmetrical studs 180 apart, and so on, until all bolts are screwed to the specified torque value.When tightening bolts, ensure that the adjusting plate is in good position, and use a force wrench, so that the bolt can obtain the specified pretightening torque.

Three.Installation after inspection

After installation, if there are abnormal phenomena such as noise, impact and sudden increase of power, the machine should be stopped for disassembly and inspection.After running for about 100 hours, check the pretightening torque of the mounting bolts in the inner and outer rings, and check it every 500 hours after running.

When the bearing is disassembled and cleaned, the bearing assembly drawing shall be followed, and the upper and lower two halves of the ring shall be assembled according to the original drilling position.The tooth surface should be cleaned of debris every 10 days and lubricated。

Four.Installation requirements

1.Before the installation bolts are not completely tightened, the gear meshing inspection should be carried out to ensure the meshing clearance and meet the accuracy requirements of the gear.

2.Adjustable flat washer is optional when installing bolts. Spring washer is not allowed.

3.After radial positioning of the turntable bearing, cross tighten the mounting bolts and check the free rotation of the bearing.Sufficient preloading force shall be required when tightening bolts, which shall be 70% of the yield limit of bolt materials.
4.Before the installation bolts are not completely tightened, the gear meshing inspection should be carried out to ensure the meshing clearance and meet the accuracy requirements of the gear.
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