the stainless steel slewing bearing was successfully completed and delivered to the user

At the beginning of this month, the stainless steel slewing bearing designed and manufactured by our company (Luoyang Heng Guan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.) was successfully completed and delivered to the user. The installation and commissioning were successful!



This set of stainless steel slewing bearings is used in nuclear power equipment projects. The customer has extremely high requirements for product quality. After many technical discussions with the customer’s technology, we design products that meet the needs of customers according to customer needs. And put it into production.


Generally speaking, slewing bearings generally use two materials, 50Mn and 42CrMo; for special purposes, stainless steel is used. Compared with slewing bearings of common materials, stainless steel slewing bearings have stronger anti-rust and corrosion resistance. Choose suitable dust caps and lubricants. Stainless steel slewing bearings can be used in an environment of -60℃~+300℃ . Because of its high mechanical strength, large load capacity, and bright and beautiful appearance, stainless steel slewing bearings are widely used in food processing, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, nuclear industry projects and other equipment.


After about 40 days of processing and manufacturing, the outer diameter of the set reached 1.7 meters, the teeth were quenched, and the stainless steel slewing bearing with a single row of external teeth was successfully rolled off the production line and delivered successfully. Hengguan Bearing proves once again with strength and ability: high-end non-standard customized bearings, we have done very well! Choose us, trust us, you will be satisfied!


(For details on stainless steel slewing bearing technology, please call for detailed discus)