Analysis of characteristics and machining difficulties of segmented ring gear

The processing technic requirements of segmented ring gear is very strict. There are several important features: segmentation, high requirements for tooth accuracy, tooth quenching, precise locating stop requirements, etc.

It usually adopts high-quality 42CrMo material during processing. After quenching and tempering treatment, the material stability is improved. At the same time, the technic of coarse tooth opening and fine tooth shaping is adopted to reduce machining stress. Repeated tempering stabilizes and eliminates internal stress. After the gear ring is cut off, according to the deformation size, different correction methods are used to ensure the subsequent grinding machining allowance.

In order to reach the high precision of the teeth, the gear teeth grinding must be carried out. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the run out of the positioning stop relative to the pitch circle. Because it is a segmented tooth, it needs to ensure each tooth can be ground, but also the grinding amount is as small as possible to avoid excessive grinding away of the quenched layer. It requires the roundness of the spliced ​​ring gear is particularly good, and the slit is uniform. To achieve the above requirements, it requires locating stop alignments for gear grinding. The gear grinding accuracy is synchronized with the accuracy of the outer circle alignment belt (installation reference), which can improve the assembly accuracy and efficiency and avoid the loss of gear accuracy caused by indirect alignment of the pitch circle during installation. And then ensure the installation accuracy of the large ring gear effectively.


Analysis of the difficulties in processing segmented ring gears:


1. Gear accuracy guarantee, common normal line length, tooth jump, gear roughness, tooth direction and tooth profile.


2. Gear deformation is difficult to control, expansion deformation, warping deformation, and parameters after gear segmentation are not under control


3. The processing of segmented gears, tooth processing, tooth surface quenching, and gear grinding, all need to be processed after fixed on the mold.


4. Make sure to prevent deformation in process plan of before heat treatment, after heat treatment, tooth processing, and segmentation. This is the top priority of this process. Many factories cannot meet the quality requirements after processing or during processing. Most of the indicators are out of tolerance and have to be scrapped.


During the processing technology of the segmented ring gear and budget, ensure that the processing is always under control and the processing procedures are complete. It is prohibited to segment directly after the gear is processed. Otherwise, the gear parameters, gear expansion deformation, and warpage deformation cannot be guaranteed.


Through the optimization of the processing technology and the design and application of special tooling, minimizes the precision error caused by the transfer of the reference surface during the finishing of the large gear ring and the processing accuracy of the various procedures of the ring gear is retained to the limit.

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