What are the components of the turntable bearing

The turntable bearing is also called the slewing bearing,It is a kind of large bearing which can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment simultaneously.turntable bearings are generally equipped with mounting holes ,internal or external, gear oil holes and sealing devices
Therefore, it can make the structure design of the main engine compact, guide reliable and maintain conveniently.widely used in lifting machinery, construction machinery, transport machinery ,material processing machinery, metallurgy machinery ,food processing machinery and military equipment, medical scientific ,research equipment and so on .The components of the turntable bearing are different because of the difference of the structural design,let us intruduce the strcture of slewing bearing

1.Inner ring

The characteristics of the inner ring are usually thin and strong, Its production accuracy is often required to be within a few tenths of a millimeter,therefore, whether this part is in place is also one of the key areas of the whole bearing quality inspection

2.Outer ring
The outer ring is an object that combines the inner ring with the rest of the machine,therefore, the quality of the outer ring is also crucial for the turntable bearing,the outer ring is thicker
the wear and tear is important, and it needs to be made of a stronger material

3.The rolling elemen
The rolling body facilitates the rotation of the relative rings between the inner and outer ,Rollers are also often used as rolling elements.the rolling bodies of rotary bearings are usually separated by nylon isolation blocks.the structure was widely used because it kept the motion stationary and was inexpensive,Special applications require the use of special ball or roller isolation block, such as copper and aluminum high temperature isolation fast,For bearings usually mounted on horizontal shafts or continuously rotating generators and for rotary plate bearings used in situations where positioning and reliability are high requirements, a strip combined retainer may be used to provide greater reliability in keeping the rolling body in the correct circumferential position

4.The sealing element
Both sides of the slewing bearing have seals,Its main function is to maintain oil and grease,Prevent contaminants such as dust and debris from entering,seals are usually made of pressed rubber strips

5.The taper pin
Due to the different nature of the hardening process of different types, the hardness of each type is different,In the position used for non-gear ring or in the outer ring for non-gear ring drilling the ball can be loaded into the rotary ring assembly,Drilling allows the ball to be loaded into the rotary ring assembly,The hole is inserted and fixed with a tapered pin,But for rings that do not exist to load plugs,The word S is printed at the position of the unhardened clearance of the ring.

Slewing bearing may be working without gear,Pinion can also be used on the inside diameter of the inner ring or the outside diameter of the outer ring,the gear is usually a standard short – cut involute spur gear

7. Nozzle
At least one grease fitting is included in one of the rings,the quantity may increase with the increase of the diameter of the slewing bearing,for bearings with pinion, the grease connector is located on the inside or outside diameter of the ungear ring,for rough bearings,The slewing bearing may be fitted with grease fittings on the inner or outer rings

The above is a detailed explanation of the structure composition of the turntable bearing