high precision 2.5m slewing bearings

Recently our company (Luoyang Hengguan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.) produced a set of ultra-high-precision slewing bearings with an outer diameter of 2.5 meters for a customer in Jiangsu. This product is a three-row internal gear slewing bearing. All indicators of the finished product exceed Customer requirements.


This product is applied to the precision machining platform center, so the quality and precision of the product are very high. In the early order negotiation stage, after detailed communication between the technical personnel of both parties, according to the user’s use requirements and working conditions, this set of large diameter The end face runout of the slewing ring bearing is set at 0.08, the axial clearance is 0.05-0.12, and the radial clearance is 0.05-0.15; this accuracy requirement is much higher than the standard ordinary accuracy of the slewing ring bearing. Based on our processing equipment and actual combat experience, we are confident that we can guarantee the quality and precision of our products, so we will do it in one word!


Facts speak louder than words. After the order is received, Hengguan people discuss and negotiate together, formulate production plans, predict the problems that may be encountered in the production progress, and discuss countermeasures and solutions one by one. , Finished product inspection results: end face runout 0.03, axial direction 0.05, radial direction 0.1; exceed the requirements! The guests inspected on the spot and couldn’t help but repeatedly exclaimed “Good, good…”! Really realize that a good product can speak for itself!


Hengguan people are brave to challenge, dare to innovate, do what they say, do what they say, and value the spirit of contract. This is the standard of life, but also the standard of work! “Words must be done, actions must be resolute” is the principle that we Hengguan people have always adhered to! Choose us, trust us, you will be satisfied! Come on, let us walk hand in hand to create a better future!