How to ensure the safe operation of single-row ball slewing ring?

Single-row ball slewing ring is one of the important parts of modern machinery and equipment, mainly composed of upper ring, lower ring and full ball. Its running speed is very low, and it is usually used in many mechanical products, for example, it is widely used in rotating equipment such as rotary conveyors, excavators, construction machinery, and small and medium-sized cranes. The safe operation of the single-row ball slewing bearing is very important, and it directly affects the working efficiency of the unloading equipment. So, how to ensure the safe operation of single-row ball slewing ring?


  1. Choose a good quality slewing bearing


Single-row ball slewing ring is an important part of the machine. And because the components are affected by factors such as the environment and the load during work, they can be regarded as consumables. We need to buy it frequently to maintain the normal operation of the machine. In this regard, we can start from the brand. If the machine itself is a well-known brand product, buy parts of the same brand. Because each brand uses different alloy formulations, there are subtle differences. Next, buy a single-row ball slewing bearing, please pay attention to the toughness of the product. Because the parts are thin, many parts look good, but they are compensated after being placed on the machine for a long time. Actually you can buy more brands in practice.


  1. Timely lubrication work


After working for a while, you should pay attention to its running status. You can add some protective oil from time to time to effectively extend its service life.


  1. Choose labyrinth ring seal


The sealing of the single-row ball slewing bearing is to prevent grease leakage and filling and also to prevent external dust, impurities and moisture from entering the bearing and affecting normal operation. Since single-row ball bearings mainly work in heavy load and low-speed work, the seal ring has two structures: rubber ring and labyrinth ring. The rubber seal itself has a simple structure. The advantages of small space and reliable sealing have been widely used, but its disadvantage is that the rubber sealing lip is prone to premature aging under high temperature conditions and loses sealing performance, so the volleyball slewing ring bearing should adopt labyrinth seal.


  1. Working clearance


One of the key factors affecting the operation of the bearing is the working clearance of the bearing. The main factors affecting the working clearance of the bearing include the fit between the inner ring of the shaft and the shaft, the fit between the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing chamber, and the bearing’s own play under non-assembly conditions. Various objective factors such as gaps, equipment operating status and turnover environment. The same mechanical equipment may have different clearances under different operating conditions. To ensure the guarantee effect of the bearing during the operation of the equipment, the selection of the bearing,