Insufficient High End Market for Slewing Bearings

China’s slewing bearing market demand will be saturated. In view of the fact that China’s slewing bearing production tends to be saturated at present, it has few high-tech contents and the quality is not too hard. Looking at the market of excavators with high requirements for slewing bearing tooth quenching and raceway quenching, domestic excavators are used in projects. All imported equipment, Komatsu in Japan, Hyundai in Korea, and Caterpillar in the United States, although the price is expensive, the construction unit still selected it. The main reasons for purchasing capital are high quality, key components with high reliability, long service life, and easy damage. The anchor cannot be thrown at critical times, the construction period cannot be delayed, credibility cannot be affected, and some engineering disputes can be avoided.


There are many factors restricting the development of China’s excavators, but the quality of mechanical parts, such as slewing bearings and hydraulic components, is not hard, which is an important link. From the comparison with foreign slewing bearings, the materials and heat treatment technology and tooth hardening technology of domestic slewing bearings are far behind. This requires the unremitting efforts of the majority of engineering and technical personnel to study hard and strive to catch up with the world’s advanced technology as soon as possible for slewing bearings. Go abroad and lay the foundation for the world.