Application of Slewing Drive

The slewing drive is a new type of slewing product, usually called slewing bearing. It is usually composed of the worm, slewing bearing, housing, motor, and other components. Because the core component adopts slewing bearing, it can bear axial force, radial force, and overturning moment at the same time.

Application areas of the rotary drive

Compared with the traditional rotary products, the rotary drive has the advantages of simple installation, easy maintenance, and greater installation space-saving. This product can be widely used in construction machinery and new energy fields such as solar tracker systems, heavy-duty flatbed trucks, container cranes, truck-mounted cranes, aerial work vehicles, wind power generation and so on.


Advantages of Luoyang Hengguan Slewing Drive

1.Slewing drive: open type (S series), with housing type (SE series), double worm (S / SE-2 series), vertical type (VE series) and dual-axis type (SDE series), and can be customized according to customers’ technical requirements design products of any specification and structure. Products are widely used in solar power generation, construction machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical mining machinery, ship and port machinery, and other industries.

2.People-oriented, scientific management, honesty and trustworthiness, pioneering management principles, advanced production equipment, sophisticated processing technology, and perfect testing methods will help the company build a well-known brand of customer satisfaction and reassurance.

3.Technology: Constant innovation keeps the design performance of Hengguan rotary drive products in line with international standards.

4.Manufacturing: Each process adopts advanced CNC processing technology and equipment and 100% rigorous testing before leaving the factory, which makes Hengguan rotary drive products of excellent quality.

5.Management: The entire manufacturing process adopts modern scientific management methods to make each step of the production process traceable.

6.Service: Carefully designed and precision manufactured to meet customer requirements, providing high-quality rotary drive products that meet customer requirements, so that our dedicated service runs through.