How to disassemble the large slewing bearing? Four ways to deal with it

Slewing bearing is a kind of large bearing with special structure. It can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment and other comprehensive loads at the same time. It is widely used in various industries or equipment. Many friends are not very familiar with how to disassemble large slewing bearings. Next, the editor of Hengguan will introduce the four commonly used bearing disassembly methods for you.

1. Knock Disassembly Method

The knocking method is used in many disassembly scenarios. In simple terms, a copper rod or other soft metal material smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing is used to press against the shaft end (if the bearing is located at the end of the shaft), and a hand hammer is used to strike the inside of the bearing evenly and forcefully. The ring slowly dislodges the bearing. This method is simple and easy to implement, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to cause damage to the bearing, so be careful when operating, and pay attention that the impact point of the knock should not fall on the rolling body and cage of the bearing.

2. Pull out disassembly method

This method requires the help of a special puller, and the tool can be pulled evenly by rotating the handle to pull out the bearing. This method has better protection for the bearing, and the following points need to be paid attention to during operation:

1. The hook of the puller should be hooked to the inner ring of the bearing. If it is hooked on the outer ring by mistake, it may cause excessive loosening or damage to the bearing.

2. To align the screw rod with the center hole of the shaft, pay close attention to the force of the bearing during the pull-out process to avoid damage to the hook and bearing.

3. Pay attention to prevent the hook from slipping off, and the angle of the two feet of the puller should be less than 90°
3. Pushing and disassembling method

This method requires the use of a press to push the bearing, the working process is stable and reliable, and generally does not damage the machine and the bearing. Note that the force point of the press should be on the center of the shaft and cannot be biased. Common presses are manual, mechanical or hydraulic.

4. Heat treatment disassembly method

The bearings used for disassembly of the tight fit can be heat-treated first, and then pulled out with the help of a puller. Generally, the oil heated to about 100 ℃ is poured on the bearing to be disassembled. After the bearing ring is heated and expanded, the bearing is pulled out evenly with the help of a special puller. When disassembling this method, self-protection and oil recovery should be done to prevent burns; the shaft body should be wrapped before heating to prevent the bearing from being disassembled due to thermal expansion of the shaft body.

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