What is the main component of the slewing bearing ? the precautions before installation

The slewing bearing is also called the turntable bearing, and some people call it to rotate, rounded support, which is a new type of mechanical components. As the joints in mechanical equipment, it has an important role in machine equipment. With the rapid development of the machinery industry, the application range of the rotary support is also more wide. Although the application of the rotary support is very broad, many people don’t understand it, and the Hengguan Xiaobian introduces you the main components of the rotary support and its pre-installation considerations.
First, the main components of the slewing bearing
1, ferrule

The slewing bearing has an inner ring and a coat, there is a circle between its internal and outer casings, and the roller is a weak link, usually the roller will be quenched, reach the corresponding depth and hardness. Falling against wear and preventing the roller from peeling.

2, rolling body

Typically, the rotary supported rolling body is made by integral hardened carbon chromium bearing steel. The existence of the rolling element makes the relative rotation and load transfer property between the inner and outer rods, which can well reduce the rotational resistance. Usually the ball on the rolling body, the roller is made of hard chrome alloy.

3, hold frame

There are three different structural forms, which are separated by isolation blocks, integral, and segmented. The cage can be separated by the rolling bodies, which can reduce friction and prevent slippery, and the role of snorting during the rotary support rotation.

Made of steel or casting aluminum alloy in the overall type and segmented cage. The isolation block is made of polyamide resin, cast aluminum alloy or the like. With the continuous development of the industry, nylon has gradually been used in the production of segmented retention.

4, seal ring

The rotary support has a seal to prevent lubricants from being lost while protecting the rotary support is not contaminated by dust and particles. The seal is made of an elastomeric material, and a lubricant with most general mineral oil and a lithium-group or calcium-based thickener.
Slewing ring

1, need to confirm the appearance before installation

Before installing the slewing support, you need to make a careful appearance check, confirm that the rotary support does not receive a relatively large damage during transport; if the customer requires quenching or other requirements, it is also confirmed that there is no soft belt mark and gear beating. Larger position tag.

2, need to clean the impurities before installation

The rotary support acts in the device to connect support, so before installation, it is necessary to confirm that the impurities on the rotary support have been cleaned, avoiding wear and failure due to the existence of impurities.

The above is a related introduction to the main components of the rotary support and the precautions before installation, I hope to help you understand the rotary support. The rotary support is small, compact, lightweight, can at the same time to withstand the torque from different directions, and the range of use is more wide. Luoyang Hengzhang Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on producing high-quality swivel support, if you have related needs, please call order.