The working principle and working way of the slewing bearing

Slewing bearings are widely used in machinery, such as excavators, disintegrators, stackers and reclaimers, graders, road rollers, and roadheaders. Not only that, but also in new energy equipment, amusement equipment, metallurgical equipment, etc. It also has its application in China, so what is the working principle and working method of the slewing bearing? Below, the editor will take you to understand some knowledge about slewing bearings, you can learn and understand.

First, the working principle of the slewing bearing
The working principle of the slewing bearing is to move the object from sliding to rolling to reduce frictional resistance. It mainly relies on lubrication and friction to achieve the purpose of operation. Internally, it relies on the mutual friction of balls and steel rings. The friction between the bearing and other parts runs, rubs against each other, and drives the object to operate. Although it relies on friction to operate, lubrication is also indispensable. If it is used for a long time and the friction is too large, it will also affect the application of parts. Therefore, after using this kind of bearing for a period of time, it should be maintained in time. , brush some lubricating oil.

Single row ball slewing bearing 01 series
2. How the slewing bearing works

1. Point contact scrolling
The working principle of point contact rolling is mainly used for four-point contact ball slewing bearing and crossed roller slewing bearing. This working principle has higher requirements on the quality of steel balls for the combined bearing of point contact radial and axial forces, and the angle of the track should be uniform.

2. Rolling and sliding combined rolling type
The rolling-slip combined rolling working principle is mainly used for ball-column combined slewing bearings. This principle has small eccentricity and long service life, and has the advantages of a dual structure of rollers and balls.

3. Surface contact rolling and sliding combination
The working principle of surface contact rolling and sliding combination is mainly used for turntable bearings. Now the new type of turntable bearing has a compact structure and high precision, so it is suitable to use the surface contact rolling and sliding combination.

4. Surface contact rolling combination
The surface contact rolling combined working principle is mainly used for three-row roller slewing bearing, its advantage is that the contact surface is large, the bearing force is uniform and the rolling is flexible.

The above is the working principle and working method of the slewing bearing. I hope it will be helpful to you. Our Hengguan Bearing mainly deals in slewing bearings, slewing bearings, and slewing bearings. If you have any questions or needs, please contact us. Hengguan Bearing is looking forward to you. call.