Working principle and working method of slewing bearing

The turntable bearing is widely used in mechanical applications, such as excavators, disinctures, stack assemblers, flat, road rollers, and excavators, but not only that, in new energy equipment, amusement equipment, metallurgical equipment, etc. There is also its application, then what is the working principle and working mode of the turntable bearing? Below, Xiaobian takes everyone to learn about some knowledge about turntable bearings, you can learn about it.

First, the working principle of turntable bearing
The working principle of the turntable bearing is to move the object to the object, reducing the frictional resistance, mainly relying on lubrication and friction to achieve the purpose of operation, internally, with the mutual rubbing of the ball and the steel ring, relying on the rotary support at the outside The bearing is operated with the frictional force of the other components, and frictions with each other, and the object is operated. Although it is necessary to operate with friction, it is indispensable. It has been used for a long time. The friction is too large, and it will affect the application of parts, so after a period of use, it is necessary to maintain it in time. , Brush some lubricants.

Single rolled rolling bearing 01 series
Second, the working method of turntable bearing

1, point contact rolling
Point contact rolling work is mainly used for four-point contact ball turntable bearing and cross roller turntable bearing, which with a high demand of point contact radial axial force is high, and the track is uniform.

2, sloppy combination rolling type
The rolling combination rolling working principle is mainly used in the joint rotation support of the ball column. This principle is small, long life, and has the advantages of roller and dual structure.