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Bearings going to Russia are subject to anti-dumping duties that can be settled through re-exports

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation initiated an anti-dumping investigation on rolling bearing products originating in China. On December 13, 2007, the Russian federal government decided to adopt anti-dumping measures against rolling bearing products originating in China, and implemented a 31.3%-41.5% anti-dumping tax rate, valid for 5 years. On September 18, […]

Personalized development of slewing bearings

With the continuous development of construction machinery, according to the individual needs of users, the construction machinery is oriented towards the individual direction. For example, the excavator has large and medium-sized excavators, and various excavators for improving special purposes. Therefore, the requirements for the personalized development of slewing bearings are put forward. Today, the author […]

Press roll bearing wear repair

The press roll is the main component of the press. There are many types of press rolls. The press section of the old paper machine uses a flat press roll. With the increase of the speed of the paper machine, the vacuum press roll is used, and then the grooved press roll is developed. In […]